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The alternative to full-time Islamic School



We are a newly run program but are growing at a very fast pace!

200+ Students

Alhamdulilah, we have more than 200 students enrolled in our program & constantly welcoming new students.  

Qualified Teachers

Our teachers are qualified with ijazahs and certifications in Qur'an, Arabic, & Islamic Studies. They are also all american raised to be able to connect and relate to our students, which is an important part of our teaching method.

Flexible Scheduling

We give our parents the option to enroll their child(ren) either in weekend or weekday classes! The quality of learning is the same across the board!  


Our curriculum is a well rounded study that caters to all young Muslims today in the Western world in a fun, simple, and engaging way. The curriculum has been adopted by hundreds of institutions around the world to make your child's journey of seeking knowledge easy, meaningful, & dynamic. It covers, Qur'an & Tajweed, Islamic Studies, Duaa & Short Surah Memorization, as well as Arabic reading in an integrated and structured way.      


– 13 Progressive Levels
– Learning Objectives & Checklist
– Unique Marking Code
– Homework Diary
– Teacher/Parent Friendly
– Original Quranic Script

duaa book.jpg

– Duaa for all occasions
– Authentic Duaas
– Unique Marking Code
– Homework Diary
– Teacher/Parent Friendly
– Order of Importance 

– Levels & Targets

– Fadaa'il & Excellences


– Easy to Write Script
– Simplified Exercises
– Free Practice
– Pass Stars
– Teacher/Parent Friendly
– Alif to Ya of little reminders


The full colour and illustrated editions have been developed to ensure that it is enjoyable for children as well as being comprehensive and reliable.


Elements from all core subjects are covered in this book: Qurʾānic stories, Islamic tenets of faith (ʿaqīdah), religious rulings (fiqh) and major episodes from the life of Prophet Muḥammad, as well as areas of personal development, in an age-appropriate manner.


The series aims to cumulatively build children’s essential Islamic knowledge, cultivate good character and instill God consciousness.


Special attention has been given to ensure that the content is not only relevant to children but that the lessons and morals are also comprehendible and engaging for each age category.

Tuition & Schedule


We are excited to see you are interested in signing up for Inara Academy! Here is what is next: 

1. Fill out the Application with tuition included 

2. Once we receive your application, someone from ICSI will contact you regarding the first day of class, books, and the option to come to ICSI to speak with the program director. 


Deadline to Register: September 5th! (Application fee is waived!) 


Application Fee after September 5th: $100  

In-Person Registration: 
If you would like to pay cash or have questions about the program and the curriculum, visit us and sign up on the following days: 

Give us a call to make an appointment at (929) 335-3296

Online Registration: 
You can sign up online by ACH, Credit/Debit, or Bank Account

Bus Fee: $200/Address
Book Fee: $50/New Student, $20/Returning Student


Our weekend classes are FULL, to be put on a waiting list, call at (929) 335-3296. 

Register Inara
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