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Our curriculum is a well rounded study that caters to all teenage Muslims today in the Western world in a simple and engaging way. The curriculum has been adopted by hundreds of institutions around the world to make your child's journey of seeking knowledge easy, meaningful, & dynamic. It covers topics in the life of the Prophet (PBUH), Tafsir, Hadith, as well as topics that teens in this generation face and have challenges with.       

  • The book follows a unit based structure, featuring units such as Essential Knowledge, Essential Beliefs, Fiqh (rituals and rulings), Islamic History, Contemporary Issues, Islam and the Social world and Spiritual and Moral development.

  • The national curriculum has been thoroughly consulted in order to ensure the content in our books is relevant, appropriate and meaningful to young Muslims and teachers, today. This includes consideration of subjects such as RE (Religious Education), SRE (Sex and Relationship Education), the humanities, as well as objectives such as SMSC (spiritual, moral, social and cultural development), life skills and citizenship skills.

  • Detailed and authentic content will allow learners to fulfil their religious rites and duties in an informed manner through learning, understanding and embodying the Quran, Sunnah and the rich Muslim scholarly tradition.

  • This book has been divided into several sections with each being called a level. In each level, a new skill or topic will be introduced and covered. The level system has proved to be very effective in motivating students.

  • Our curriculum is a comprehensive syllabus that takes a student from his introduction to the sounds of Arabic letters, all the way through to expert recitation. By doing this, teachers, parents and students are able to keep a holistic view of progress and ensure no aspect is neglected.

  • The ability to recite the Qur’an is dependent on several individual skills; for example, the ability to recognise joined letters, the ability to regulate the length of each vowel, and so on. students are given mixed exercises at the end of each level, to revise and recap everything they have learned previously.

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